Healing Massage, Relaxing Yoga, Treat Yourself This Summer: Fuengirola, Spain

LOCATIONS: Los Boliches & Mijas Costa
Healing, Relaxing Massage
Treat youself this summer with a healing massage
60 minutes 35€
75 minutes 45€
Aromatherapy, Healing Massage
A healing, relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils to soothe your body and mind
60 minutes 40€
75 minutes 50€
Thai Yoga Massage
Complete relaxation, a magical journey. Heal your physical body and your internal organs with this amazing massage. Stretches, pressure points and to finish a relaxing massage with oils.
60 minutes 40€
75 minutes 50€
Healing, Energy Massage
Connecting with the body through long, relaxing gentle movements, this massage works with both the physical and energetic bodies
60 minutes 35€
75 minutes 45€

Private group and one-on-one Yoga Classes
Soft, relaxing yoga to help heal your body and bring your mind into the here and now to fully enjoy life. OR we can flow and sweat a little with a vinyasa flow practise to increase flexibility, focus, strength and relax all in one
60 minutes (max 2 plp) 45€
5 x 60 minute classes (max 2 plp) 40€ per class
60 minutes group sessions 69€ (discounts if you take 3 or more)

Hello there, my name is Rachael. I have been on this amazing yoga and healing journey for 11 years now. The massage I offer and the yoga practise I both do myself and impart are very intuitive. I connect with you and your needs both on a physical and energetic level, to understand what will help you feel at your best, to heal, to relax, to unwind. Welcome, I look forward to meeting you.

Whatsapp: +34 640177348
Email: yogafitnessburns@gmail.com

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